What's Your Best Anti-Burglary Tech?

What's Your Best Anti-Burglary Tech?

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 10, 2011

As we watch safely from our living rooms, our hearts go out to the home owners who have been affected by the the London riots due to the greed of a few individuals. This is why we think it's a good time to explore the topic of safety and security, namely the best tech on the market today that'll help protect you during such events.

First and foremost, we are unbiased towards the ownership and use of firearms. If you got 'em, good for you. This is not a discussion on right to bear arms, but domestic tech and how it can be used to identify thieves and create a layer of security for you and your family.

While We're Away: We wish all homes today could be decked out with automated personal surveillance cameras, but since that's not the case, Logitech's Alert system (Starts at $300) is probably your best bet. With software that provides motion alerts and a live view from any internet-connected computer, you can travel knowing there's another set of eyes watching your stuff.

Cheapo False Presence: If you're looking for a really cheap solution, you can just invest in a few LED lamps (they're pretty cheap these days) and plug them into a timer that turns on for a few hours a night. The light itself may just be the best deterrent against would-be thieves prowling in the night.

The Last Resort Protocol: In the unfortunate scenario that one is present in the home when a burglary is taking place, we always suggest dialing 911 on several phones and getting out of the home as quickly as possible. If all else fails, a blunt object or tech you're willing to sacrifice can be used as a weapon. Or you could always try out that samurai sword you purchased at the flea market a few years ago.

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