What's Your Best Bargain Kids' Room Find?

What's Your Best Bargain Kids' Room Find?

Alison Gerber
May 27, 2014
(Image credit: Alison Gerber)

Moms and Dads: are you a master of the thrift store? A yard sale guru? An Ikea as-is-aholic? A clearance sale clever-clogs? We've been talking all month about living on a budget, and now it's come to that time again, the time for boasting and bragging about the best bargain you've ever scored for your kids!

For me? Probably that $20 tub of Duplo (the big brick Legos) I bought at a local community yard sale. I ummed and ahhed about the "big ticket" item, and when I tried to haggle the price the woman selling it said "you know as well as I do, $20 is a bargain." I bought it.

When I brought it home, my husband couldn't believe how much there was. "Where are you going to put all that? We don't have room for so much Duplo." Argh, he was right. The Duplo, when removed from its giant plastic tub, filled an entire dresser drawer in my children's room (pictured above), plus another tub in their closet...and I still had enough left over to give away as a gift to a neighbor at Christmas time.

Even though it takes up plenty of space, that Duplo has been played with every week in the 12 months since I bought it. It has come in handy when groups of kids visit, and even at my son's birthday party. Considering how much has been spent on some of my children's other toys, and how often they've been played with compared to this, the Duplo was the best value purchase I have ever made for their entertainment.

So, what about you? What was the best bargain you've found for your kids? Was it at a yard sale too? Super sale savvy readers, share your stories below!

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