How Do You Gracefully Decline A Party Invite?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In the “Earthquake” episode from this season of Modern Family, Cameron and Mitchell back out of attending their friend Pepper’s (Nathan Lane) brunch. Often times we find ourselves in the same situation and make up excuses to not attend a gathering we’ve been invited to. Do you have a go-to, standby excuse or do you always say yes?

As much as we love being social butterflies and hopping about town to see friends and family members, sometimes our ability to network and socialize has invitations to events we’re not so keen on attending falling into our lap.

Some folks use kids as an easy out, others work, but we’re curious what you end up saying your busy or tied up with? Are you sick? Will there be a headache or illness that day? A school play (which is code for watching tv in your pj’s on the sofa!)? Do you have the guts to just say thanks, but no thanks?

How do you gracefully decline an invitation, or are you incapable of such things and end up going no matter what? Let us know in the comments below and maybe we’ll all learn a new line or two for those nights you just don’t feel like going out!