My Biggest Home Indulgences (What are Yours?)

My Biggest Home Indulgences (What are Yours?)

Eleanor Büsing
Apr 10, 2015

When you think about your monthly budget for home-related purchases, what does it look like? Obviously most of it will be for rent/mortgage and utility bills, but beyond that— are you more likely to splash out on food, entertainment, or comfort? It's good to pay attention to where we like to treat ourselves, not only for financial purposes, but also to know ourselves that little bit better. Read on for my top indulgences at home, and share yours in the comments.

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Hired Help

To be clear, I'm not talking about a butler or driver here (I wish). I do have a cleaner who comes every other week, but whether this counts as an "indulgence" depends on your point of view.

To some of my friends back home, it seems a bit excessive, but most of my local friends have cleaners too; it's par for the course when flat-sharing in London. I've always assumed this is to avoid arguments about chore-splitting, and I do have friends who've stopped having a cleaner once they've moved in with partners, for example. (Because we all know those types of arguments never happen in that situation.)

Personally, I can't see my mind ever changing about this— I love coming home to a sparkling flat every other Friday, and only being responsible for maintenance/light cleaning in the interim. And I could be worse— I have a friend why pays her cleaner to do her ironing. (Actually, that sounds better, not worse. I hate ironing.)


We all need to eat, that's a given. But my love of cooking and baking, combined with my predominantly healthy diet, means I rarely skimp on quality or variety. I like trying out new ingredients, and having choice when I open my cupboards. I've also dabbled in various CSA vegetable boxes over the years, which feels like a (healthy) treat.

So yes, I budget a significant portion of my monthly food budget to groceries, over meals out. But I'm careful not to waste food, so it doesn't feel too indulgent (plus how indulgent can chia seeds and medjool dates really be?).


I don't have any type of cable/paid channels at home, and as such I pretty much never watch TV, BBC documentaries aside. But Netflix? That's another story. From fab original series, shows from the USA that don't air over here, and those that are like old friends (nothing like a bit of Gilmore Girls after a long day), Netflix is a small, monthly indulgence that makes my home a happier place.

Fresh Flowers

This is definitely an occasional indulgence for me, and not a regular one. But on a beautiful Spring day, there's nothing like treating yourself and your home to a bunch of pink roses or yellow tulips. I love the routine of choosing them at the market, taking them home and trimming, arranging and re-arranging the perfect (or more likely, lopsided and awkward) bouquet. It brightens my day and my home.


Simply put, parties are the best. They're also expensive. All that food and booze doesn't come cheap, but for me, filling my home with friends and laughter is worth pretty much any price.

At the beginning of this year, I decided that 2015 would be "The Year of the Dinner Party" (yes, I make bizarre New Year's Resolutions), and I vowed to have at least six of them throughout the year. So every other month, I budget for an evening of multiple courses, several rounds of drinks, fresh flowers on the table, and anything else my chosen theme (yup, they're occasionally themed) might require.

So, those are my home indulgences. I'd love to hear what yours are— share in the comments below!

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