What Is Your Clutter Weakness?

What Is Your Clutter Weakness?

Jason Loper
Jan 21, 2011

It was one afternoon while arguing with my husband about whether his pile of notebooks and papers and laptop needed to always live on the end of the sofa that I was forced to face the ugly truth. For all my big talk of living a clutter-free life, I, too have a clutter weakness!

I can confess it here and now: I am a total magazine junky! I have yet to meet I magazine I didn't like. I subscribe to quite a few, including two weeklies, and end up picking up one or two a week on the newsstand as well. As you can imagine, that many magazines can pile up quickly.

I've made all sorts of allowances for my magazine collection, including a DIY magazine file, and yet I still end up with little piles of them all over the place. Beside the bed, next to the sofa, stacked a little too high on a shelf in our living room – they can end up all over our little apartment if I don't keep it in check. Usually I go through them pretty quickly and send them off to be recycled but every now and then they do stack up on me. And that's what my husband was referring to, as I stood there pointing to his pile of papers and notebooks. He, of course, won the argument.

So what is your clutter weakness? Junk mail? Take-out menus? Is there one thing (or many!) that you let accumulate despite your best effort? Share it in the comments section!

Images: Jason Loper

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