What Is Your Design Confession?

What Is Your Design Confession?

Jennifer Hunter
Dec 5, 2012

I have a confession to make. Perhaps you remember my rant discussion about design pet peeves where I railed against my biggest design annoyance, the karate chop pillow. Well, I feel like a hypocrite. Can you guess why?

I chopped! I was recently trying to wrangle a particularly flat and stiffly upholstered pillow and, before I knew it, I was raising my hand to chop it into submission. I realized what I was doing mid-chop but it was too late, I was already committed to a downward swing.

And you know what? It worked. Post-chop, the pillow looked plumper and more inviting. So I was wrong. I guess there really is a time and place for everything. Lesson learned.

So why am I devoting time and internet space (once again) to a pillow? Simply to say this: try something new; who knows, maybe you won't hate it. I'll never be a fan of the deep, drastic chop, but I've learned I shouldn't rule anything out (or publicly take a stand against it) because sooner or later I may just eat my words.

Now it's your turn; what's your confession? Are your surfaces clear but your drawers crammed with clutter? Do you pretend to like trendy MCM but in fact still love shabby chic? Tell me!

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