Room of Requirement: What's Your Dream "Special" Room?

Room of Requirement: What's Your Dream "Special" Room?

Anna Hoffman
Oct 5, 2011

Jennifer Aniston had a hair washing room in her house. Candy Spelling had THREE (3!) gift wrapping rooms in hers. Some of us would be psyched just to have a dedicated laundry room. If you could magically add a 'special' room onto your place, what kind of room would it be? Here's a range of options, from the hilariously fantastical to the deliciously practical.


  • They do say it's important to have a consistent place you go to for meditation, so why not build your ideal Zen space? Jada Pinkett Smith's meditation room, photo by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest.
  • This room-sized "closet" eats closets like mine for breakfast. Jenna Lyons' house, from Domino via Made by Girl.
  • You know how around the holidays, you don't have enough space for all your assistants to wrap the presents you've bought for people? Here is the smallest of Candy Spelling's three gift wrap rooms, from People.
  • If I got my fresh flowers from a garden and not from the corner bodega, would I need one of these? Martha Stewart's flower arranging room, via the Daily Mail.
  • When you're tired of playing Monopoly for the 500th time, you might be ready for your own bowling alley. Just try to channel The Big Lebowski and not There Will Be Blood. Henry Clay Frick's bowling alley, via New York Social Diary.

  • I feel endlessly lucky to have a washer and dryer in my apartment, but they're tucked in a bathroom closet with no storage and no room for ironing. So one of my dream rooms is a spacious laundry room with shelves, cabinets and plenty of surfaces. Laundry room via houzz.
  • Whose definition of domestic bliss doesn't involve a big pantry, with bins and jars for food storage and shelves for kitchen equipment? Pantry via Simply Decorated.
  • The crafty among us might be interested in a special craft room with carefully organized supplies. Craft Room via Back to Domestics.
  • It would be nice to replace the living room TV with a cozy home theater complete with snuggly recliners. Home Theater via Morgan Lindsay on Pinterest.
  • And no homicidal maniac's home is complete without a creepy basement room where he can plaster photos of his prey and concoct nefarious plots. Crazy Joe's stalker wall from Seinfeld, Season 4 episode 9, via Essl on flickr.
  • Which special room would be your first choice? And if you already have one, is it all it's cracked up to be?

    Images: As linked above.

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