What’s Your Earliest Antiquing Memory?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From a young age my entire family loved to go antiquing. We would load up in the car, possibly pack a lunch, and drive to cities up to a few hours away to find the small town shops with the best antiques. It was always worth the drive and we can’t fathom a childhood without it, so we’re curious, when do you remember starting the hunt?

Although many families might not have been as die hard as we were, there’s still something fun about roaming aisle after aisle and shop after shop looking for… well… we never really knew. But we knew we’d know when we saw it! It was always an adventure and it never ended up costing very much (outside of gas money) since the joy of the day was the hunt itself.

We learned many lessons along the way (besides how to behave… without a tv in the car… on road trips). We knew that when it came to many items we could just keep looking to find the prices or condition we wanted. We learned to haggle (which is far easier when you’re a cute 6 year old) with the best of them and can spot a first edition publication from a mile away. It was what we like to consider a well rounded education in the junking, er vintage arts.

How young were you when you first went antiquing? Is it something your family did, or new to you in recent years? Let us know below!

Image: Flickr member Mollypop licensed for use under Creative Commons