What’s Your Favorite Green Gift?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Gifts from extended family and friends, while thoughtful, can sometimes leave you with an ill-fitting sweater or useless tchotchke. But, when it comes to gifts from my family, I actually get quite excited to see what green gift they’ll find for me — over the years this has been one of the best ways to find out about new eco-friendly goodies or learn how to do new activities. I’m curious, did you get any surprising green gifts last year?

Because I work in the ‘green biz‘, they usually go so out of their way, that they find something even I’ve never seen or don’t have, which I love. Last year I got a variety of great green gifts ranging from objects to activities:

  • Knitting lessons
  • Mittens made from recycled sweaters
  • An herb savor (review to come soon!)
  • Organic and recycled t-shirt washcloths
  • Dance lessons
  • Gift certificate to my CSA

So what was your favorite green gift? Alternatively, what will you do with the gifts you can’t use?


(Image: Flickr member elitatt licensed for use under Creative Commons)