10 Ways to Get the News From Around the World Via Twitter

10 Ways to Get the News From Around the World Via Twitter

Chris Perez
Feb 14, 2013

It's all too easy to spend hours link-hopping online from one site to another and getting detoured. But that's precisely how I get my news these days — it arrives randomly and it's often unexpected. Google Reader, Twitter, and Facebook feeds have replaced newspapers, magazines, and television news programming...

I don't get my news on TV any longer...in fact I rarely watch TV these days. Staying informed has become a juggling act between blogs on my Google reader, feeds from people I follow on Twitter, and via friends' updates on Facebook. I no longer read newspapers — but I may stumble upon an online newspaper article from those aforementioned sources. I get my news in pieces throughout my day — when I slip out of a task and peruse through those media channels, or when I'm standing in line at the coffee shop.

My favorite source for news is Twitter viewed on my smartphone, because the platform is so wide open, allowing me stumble upon new sources more dynamically than everything else. And perhaps best of all, the news is always available where my phone is.

Perhaps the Tumblrs and StumbleUpons of the world are good for that same reason, I've just never gotten in the habit of using those pipelines. Twitter also gets my vote for top news source because it has the power (unlike the others) to help tell me what to eat or what to go do tonight, because those I follow are localized and in the mix of it all.

Here are 10 fast reporting, relevant, and informative Twitter news feeds we recommend:

BONUS: @TheOnion, for the finest in fake news reports that almost seem plausible.

But, I'm wondering what's your favorite way to get news?

Is it a site? A social platform? An app? Or are you still getting your information through the traditional channels of radio, television, or printed newspapers?

(Images: 1. Oleksiy Mark/Shutterstock, 2. Twitter)

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