What's Your Home's Golden Hour?

What's Your Home's Golden Hour?

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 13, 2014
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

In photography we call the time just after sunrise and just before sunset the "golden hour" (also sometimes "magic hour") because the light is softer, more flattering. I think homes have a special time of the day when not only the light comes in just so but also when the day's work (and stress) is over (or hasn't begun), the kids and pets have been fed and the dishes done. It's the time of the day when you can enjoy your home at its most glorious.

For me it's about 10 minutes after I wake up but before I log on to my job for the day. I throw open all my blinds and curtains as soon as I wake up, and open all the windows if the weather permits. All my neighbors' trees create a lovely light glow that is full of calming qualities. Lots of birds chirp and I grab a cup of a tea to sip on. For about 10 minutes everything is right in the world. It's before I've checked any emails and the only thing I have on my to-do list yet is snuggle with my cat.

It's the time I most appreciate my home and find joy in it (not counting the times I share my home with friends). It's become a vital part of my morning and daily routine — this silent and small celebration of my home's golden, magical hour.

And it makes me wonder — do you have a time in your home when all the universe lines up perfectly? Do you love early morning light softly illuminating your favorite spot while you enjoy breakfast? Or do you love curling up for a mid-afternoon nap in a patch of sun after a productive morning? Or do you prefer watching the sunset in the evening while you meditatively tackle the dishes?

What time of the day do you enjoy your home the most — and why?

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