Brain vs. Phone: The Best of Brain Teaser Apps

Brain vs. Phone: The Best of Brain Teaser Apps

Jason Rodway
Sep 5, 2012

Did you answer correctly? How quickly did you figure it out? A sudden kick to the cerebrum with a little bit of pressure is harsh, but it's a good wake up call to see how sharp your brain is. I've been toying with IQ tests all week and came to a harsh conclusion that I might need to bend the mind a little more into shape. So dust the cobwebs from your brain if you dare and try one of these IQ tester smartphone apps. If you want to know how well you did on my little test, the answer is after the break.

Answer: B - All the apps have clocks in their icons


Left: IQ Test Free - Right: Mensa Brain Test

IQ Test Free
IQ Test Free is a small taste of what IQ tests mainly consist of. Set aside a quiet moment and answer the questions based on logic. Following the sample sequences, you have to fill in the blanks using multiple choice as quickly as possible. After a short test, you'll receive your IQ, which you can share on Facebook or Twitter. The full version ($2) explains how to answer the questions if you're curious to know how to improve your score. Free

Mensa Brain Test
If you fancy measuring yourself on the brainiac's scale, the Mensa Brain Test will suit you just right. Straight from the famous society comprised only of the highest minds, this app drills you with Mensa approved test questions. Take either the short, medium or long test and get questions in the form of logic, mathematics, language and visuals thrown your way. Are you capable of joining the top 2% on the planet? $2
Also available for Android and Windows Phone 7


Left: Best IQ Test - Right: IQ Test: The IQ Challenge

Best IQ Test
A more challenging test with double the multiple choice possibilities, Best IQ Test transcends language to deliver a logic aptitude test with slightly more accuracy than other apps in this category (these apps are just for fun after all). It has an effective interface and delivers your intelligence quotient for a good price. Free

IQ Test: The IQ Challenge
One of the more broad apps, with quiz questions in 11 different areas. Find your strengths and weaknesses in categories based on general or verbal analogy, general, verbal or numeric classification, comprehension, logic, math, pattern recognition, visualization and series. With daily training and a thorough explanation of the material, the IQ Challenge aims to keep your brain at its sharpest. $1
Also available for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7

Left: Quick IQ Test - Right: IQ Test

Quick IQ Test
Other than having a chuckle, taking an IQ test on your phone is helpful to prepare for the real deal. Take the Quick IQ Test and see how you measure up against the 30 randomly selected questions out of the app's total of 50 (with promise for more in future updates.) Save your results on Facebook and Twitter for ultimate bragging rights. Free

IQ Test
Can you answer 33 questions in 20 minutes? Don't let the pressure get to you as the timer counts down. Featuring the same standard logic questions found in IQ tests, but with the inclusion of a skip feature to save irksome questions for later. The test gets progressively more difficult, which adds a strategic element to the usual brain buster test. $1

More Brain Exercises

Are you satisfied with your results, or are your brain's wires jumbled up like Christmas lights? Keeping the brain in shape is just as important as regular physical exercise. If you want to do your brain a favor, you might want to look into More Brain Exercises by Namco. Play through mini-games based on the research of Dr. Kawashima that twist and bend your mind like mental sit-ups. Gradually, over time, the answers will come to you quicker and more naturally. iOS - $5 / Android - $3 / Windows Phone 7 - $5

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Alarm Clock Xtreme - Iconclock - Sleep Cycle - Digital Nightstand - Jangle - Mensa - Snapseed

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