Living in a Grown Up Home: 5 Designers Reveal Their “I’ve Arrived” Decorating Moment

published Dec 15, 2016
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(Image credit: Will Taylor)

As lovers of home design, most of us can probably relate to the feeling of that “I’ve arrived” decorating moment; when you feel like you’ve made it, that you might just (despite all odds) be living in a grown-up home. Designer Anne Sage describes it best when she says it’s tiny splurges that, “signal your heart that you’re home at last.” To celebrate these little milestones, we’ve asked some inspiring designers to share theirs—and we’d love to read yours in the comments…

We asked, they answered: What’s your ‘I’ve arrived!’ decorating moment?

(Image credit: Anne Sage)

Author, Blogger, Stylist, @citysage

Sometimes, it’s a series of small upgrades: I’ve had a few over the years. When I moved into my first apartment after college, it was wooden hangers. Replacing all my plastic ones with a matching birch set made me feel so grown-up! Then, in later years, it was a linen duvet cover and pillow cases. (Image above via Anne’s Instagram.)

(Image credit: Becki Owens)

Interior Designer, @beckiowens

Sometimes, it’s one big splurge: From the time we moved into our home, I had been eyeing this Ro Sham Beaux beaded chandelier. I finally broke down and got it. I love it. It makes the space and reflects the coastal vibe of where I live. (Image above via Becki Owens)

(Image credit: Dabito)

Designer, @dabito

Sometimes, it’s about getting together: It was when I finally got a beautiful set of gold flatware from Mepra. It made our dinner get togethers feel so much more grown up! (Image via Dabito’s Instagram)

(Image credit: Emily Katz)

Macrame Artist & Designer, @emily_katz

Sometimes, it’s all about the textiles: My “I’ve arrived” moment has been about rugs. They always seem like a big investment, but you can find beautiful vintage ones for under $500 and they really pull the room together. Decorating with textiles found on travels feels very grown up to me.

No, wait, it’s about the art: I also think replacing posters pinned to the wall with real art has been one of my “I’ve arrived” moments. I like collecting art from friends and local artists when I can, as I know that my money spent on local art directly supports the economy in a positive way.

Actually, it’s ongoing: All that said, no one ever really truly “arrives”. We have corners in our home that are messy, unfinished, and will always need love, but that is the evolution of a curated home. I find deep pleasure in knowing that there are special discoveries yet to find their way into our home to make it even more ours. (Image via Emily’s Instagram)

(Image credit: Will Taylor)

Creative Consultant, Interior Designer, author of Dream Decor, @brightbazaar

Sometimes, it’s what’s on the walls: When I started investing in original art pieces, I felt like my home started to feel more adult. There’s something about saving and investing in a piece you’ve eyed for a while, or by an artist you love, that makes you feel like you are truly investing in a piece you will cherish for many years to come. This happened to me when I moved to New York City last year. I bought two ‘Landscape’ pieces by John Robshaw, which were inspired by his travels to India and Asia. I love how the intense indigo looks against the exposed bricks of the brownstone building. (Image via Bright Bazaar)