What's Your Longest-Lasting Appliance?

What's Your Longest-Lasting Appliance?

Taryn Williford
Sep 16, 2009

When you grab the cheapest toaster in the home good aisle, you know it's probably not going to last long. But some appliances we buy with investment in mind and the intention to keep them forever...

In honor of the British couple who recently hosted a 50th birthday party for their trusty refrigerator, we want to ask: What's your longest-lasting appliance?

Paul and Val Howkins bought a Prestcold fridge for £65 in 1959 and it's been kicking ever since—besides one part that was replaced 30 years ago.

Me? I'm not even older than that replacement part, so there's no way that I can trump the Howkins' tale. But I do have to say that I've gotten plenty of use out of my iPod. It's a first generation classic that I picked up (ahead of the trend—ahem!) back in 2002. Although the battery has long lost it's ability to hold a charge, it works perfectly when it's perched in my iHome dock and plugged in to the wall.

How about you guys? What appliance or piece of home tech has served you the longest? Tell us in the comments!

Via Shaktronics

(Image: Flickr user supergiball under license from Creative Commons.)

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