What's Your Morning Alarm Style?

What's Your Morning Alarm Style?

Taryn Williford
Dec 10, 2012

"Different strokes for different folks", never more true than when discussing the different ways we all wake up. Now that most people have switched out bedside alarm clocks for alarm apps on their phones, there's now an endless settings to set — multiple alarms, with different tones, volume preferences, and snooze settings — to create a truly customized morning routine. Here are a few wake-up styles I've noticed amongst friends and family. Me? I'm a Snooze Master. Which one are you?

The Easy Waker
Gentle, soft. You alarm tone is probably a pleasant sound that slowly gets louder and perfectly harmonizes with the birds cheerfully chirping outside your window to wake you up gently, ready for the day.

The Multi-Tasker
When the first alarm rings, you reach for your phone, hit snooze, and get sidetracked with emails and Facebook notifications. When the snooze rings nine minutes later, you decide it might be time to get going.

The Snooze Master
You set your alarm for 40 minutes before you actually need to be up, giving yourself ample time to hit the snooze button four times. You're going to need it.

The Get Up and Go'er
Your alarm tone is on the loudest setting, mainly because there's no other way you'd hear it from the bathroom. You keep your phone in another room to force you to get up out of your warm, comfortable bed in the morning.

The Comatose
You use the most obnoxious tone on the loudest setting. And you have to set five different alarms at five different times one after another in a 15-minute period. And you still manage to snooze or sleep through each one and wake up late.

Do you have one of these snooze styles? Do you have another morning alarm routine? Share your stories and strategies in the comments.

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