What's Your Morning Routine?

What's Your Morning Routine?

Cambria Bold
Oct 11, 2010

Some people have New Year's resolutions; I have New Month resolutions—as in, it's a new month and I'm finally going to get around to doing/starting whatever it is whatever I've been meaning to do lately. This month: develop a morning routine... one that does not include checking my iPhone the second I wake up.

I'm not really a morning person, per se, but I aspire to be. I know how great it feels when I leave for work knowing that I've done something good for myself already that day, whether it's exercising, writing, or eating a good breakfast. (As opposed to feeling groggy, sluggish, or rushed.)

This post from Zen Habits got me thinking again about developing a slow and meaningful morning routine. Leo's new routine consists of basically three things: Sit, Read, and Write. Only after he's spent some time doing all those things, does he check his email and go on with his day.

So, what would my ideal morning look like?

1. Get up with the sun.
2. Walk/jog for an hour around the park.
3. Make breakfast and coffee.
4. Sit, read and write for an hour.

My goal would be to stay off the computer and my phone until I leave for work, but I'll be honest... I think that's a stretch.

What are your morning routines? Things that help you start your day off right? Tell us below!

(Image: Flickr member DeaPeaJay licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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