Dear Drain Gunk, I Loathe You: What's Your Most Hated Home Chore?

Dear Drain Gunk, I Loathe You: What's Your Most Hated Home Chore?

Jennifer Hunter
Jun 27, 2015
(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Of all the chores I do around my home every day, there is one little thing that I just can't stand. It doesn't take very long and it's easy to do, but I still cringe when I know it must be done. I dread dealing with the drain gunk.

With no disposal, I accrue my gunk quite quickly. When I see that small silicon sink strainer filling up as I cook a meal or wash the dishes, my heart just sinks. There is nothing in this world I hate more than the feeling of turning that squishy black basket inside out over the trash and scraping bits of slimy food out of its square shaped holes. Even writing about it now turns my stomach.

It was a dark day when I realized that as a real adult, if you want your drain de-gunked, you have to do it yourself; and a lifetime sentence of daily de-gunking was a tough pill to swallow. Sometimes I talk to my gunk as I throw it away. If I'm feeling especially verbal I might say, "I hate you, gunk," otherwise it's usually a string of nonsensical gagging noises all strung together into a cheerful little song. It helps me feel a little better while I do this terrible task that I'm doomed to do.

So I want to know what's your version of my gunk hatred? What do you inexplicably, exponentially and eternally just hate to do at home? Tell me!

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