What's Your Music Device of Choice For Working, Exercising, or Commuting?

What's Your Music Device of Choice For Working, Exercising, or Commuting?

Julienne Lin
Oct 30, 2012

Recently while looking through all my audio accessories, I discovered that I accumulated three different types of earphones and one set of headphones. Each are rotated based upon the activity I'm using them for. It made me wonder if most people have several listening accessories (earbuds, earphones, headphones) or rely on one that does it all.

While I'm exercising I like to use my earbuds from Daiso. They were really cheap so I don't mind taking them to the gym or going running with them since they're easily replaceable. For affordable earbuds, they're still really comfortable and extremely light.

For Working
While I work, I alternate between earbuds and AiAiAi headphones depending on what type of work I'm doing. If I can listen to music but still need to have one ear open to keep tabs on what's going on around me, I defer to my earbuds. They're easy to access if I need to listen to something quickly.

However, if I know I'm going to be working on a project I need to concentrate on and don't want to be bothered, I put my AiAiAi headphones on.

Commuting/Easy Listening
When I used to live in Boston, I would always walk to places or use public transportation and I would oftentimes use earbuds because they're easy to take off when you run into a friend on the street. It was also more convenient to drop them in my bag or pocket. Most friends however, definitely preferred headphones while commuting, saying that it made the trip more pleasant with a high quality listening device.

In the end, I definitely need both earbuds and a good set of headphones.

Do you own both or have one set of earbuds or headphones that do the trick for all your needs?

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