What’s Your Proudest Small Space Hack?

It’s small spaces month, and while we’re have fun giving you inspiration, ideas and solutions, we’d love to hear what small space hack you’ve done to improve your home. Maybe it’s a really clever floor plan, a simple storage solution or an amazing lofted space. Find out about our proudest project, and let us know yours after the jump.

One of our new year’s resolutions was to do a little renovation in our home — we have almost no closet or storage space, so we decided to make the most of our stairs and a dead-end hallway, and ended up with two extra storage spaces. The tenants before us took the first step by removing a partition wall between the stairs and living room to open up the space, and installed a drop down hatch under the stair. Unfortunately they didn’t install a railing, and after a few falls down the stairs that design element got really old. So we totally overhauled the design: installed a new guardrail and hand rail, put real doors under the stairs and reinstalled some old hooks and a closet rod to hang out of season coats.

Upstairs, by eliminating the dead-end hallway we were able to enlarge a bedroom and add a linen closet for much needed bathroom and bedroom storage. All and all, we’re very happy with the result, and wish we would’ve done it sooner!

So tell us, what’s your proudest small space hack?

(Images: Rachel Wray)