What’s Your Style Sign? Mystic Medusa’s Astrological Decor Tips

published Jun 13, 2013
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Mystic Medusa, for advice on aligning your interior (and giving yourself a little cosmic boost) using the time-honored art of astrology.

Mystic Medusa: First things first: nobody, of any Sun Sign, should be hoarding any stuck Qi in the form of clutter, obviously. It’s an absolute celestial no-no. Real astrology is all about timing, functioning brilliantly in the present moment and not bothering aping being someone you’re not. Authenticity and the Nowness is where it’s at. If you know your Rising Sign, read for that as well. And, if you’re an astro-fiend with an actual birth chart to check out, go for the sign on the cusp of the fourth house. (You can have your chart done
here; you’ll need to know your time and place of birth).


Aries craves simplicity and a funky-inspirational atmosphere from which to operate. Think primary colors — most of all red — Mark Rothko-style massive bright abstracts if there is to be art, and the most insane, enviable and functionally loud sound system possible. 


The couch is the center of the Taurean universe, and ideally it is ultra-comfortable and yet provides proper support. It should be of such a high quality that if need be, Taurus could live totally just on the couch. Secondary décor fetish: sensational sheets for the bed. 


Out of all the signs, Gemini adores change the most, so something easily edited and updated is an absolute must. A vision board. Furniture that can be altered with a quick slip off/on of fresh covers. Also key here is a chic home office and a power shower. Geminis can’t be offline, and they have to be fresh. 


Crab People require a significantly stocked pantry and fridge – it symbolizes abundance, family and financial security to them. Pour all the efforts into the kitchen and the sort of fridge that says “I value food, nourishment and sustenance” for an ecstatic Cancerian. 


It’s true. You can not go too over the top with chez Leo. They will still love it. Light-bulbed mirrors to perfect diva make-up, a grand entrance, marble, chandeliers, huge portraits of the Leo over the fireplace, drama, luxury and opulence. Think theatrical and like a palace in tone. 


Nothing soothes the often savagely-frayed nerves of our Virgo like brilliant, genius storage, most particularly a professionally done wardrobe area. Think also of nothing jarring. Virgos need muted colors and reassuring textures, like the waiting room of a very high-end cosmetic surgeon. 


Libra sees the bathroom as shrine and sanctuary; crap sinks or an inadequate bathtub can induce major melancholy. There are ideally brilliant shelves so as to display the Libran scent collection and give a spa-like vibe. Alternatively: a classic vintage-style dressing table. Yes.


Fittingly, for the most singular sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio likes to have a theme and then stick to it. Consistency, chic, and an instantly recognizable aesthetic is the signature of chez Scorpio. Think: black & white, haute hippie and/or perfectly executed Swedish 70s design. 


Saggo adores cinema posters, memorabilia from his/her often extensive travels, tribal masks, a melange of ethnic influences, and extremely bright colors. Neon art is tres Sagg, as is a packed suitcase with passport, ready to go at extremely short notice. 


Capricorn has a quality fetish and is perfectly happy to go without some “extra” – such as an oven – in order to have the optimal bit of furniture. Better one perfect and brilliantly made armchair than a houseful of tatt. Think timeless, investment and ultra-classic.


Aquarius does not so much march to the beat of a different drummer as it does to an instrument not yet available on Earth. Aqua colours are indigo and ultra-violet, but how these are manifested is anyone’s guess. Think: avant-garde, high-tech and of the future. 


Pisces is the most fluid sign of all, so his/her mood alters quite frequently with shifts in the Zeitgeist. The second a Pisces feels something has stale Qi or that their creativity requires a rad change, out everything goes and they start over. Think: minimalist but still blazingly sensual. 

For more of Mystic’s insights (her horoscopes are uncannily accurate) and compelling info, visit her blog: Mystic Medusa

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