AFM Safecoat Paint : Green is a Beautiful Color

When a friend was setting up house with her husband and infant son the search was on for a safer alternative to standard paint. Her research showed that even paint classified as low- or zero- voc may still contain unnecessary chemicals, such as acetone, ammonia or odor masking additives.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Luckily, Chicagoans have an amazing resource in town, Greenmaker, an environmentally friendly building supply company. Greenmaker carries Safecoat paints in addition to many environmentally sensitive products for building, from cabinets and countertops to flooring and lighting.

Safecoat avoids extenders, drying agents, formaldehyde, mildewcides and fungicides. The exclusion of chemical additives means a greater resin content, creating a higher quality paint as well as a interior-air friendly one.

Design plans don’t need to suffer – Safecoat is available in a variety of finishes and has a huge system of colors to choose from. If you need a custom color which is unavailable in the 1000+ color system, it can be obtained directly from the manufacturer through Greenmaker, just bring a swatch. Prices range from 25. to 40. per gallon.

Problem solved, happy mom and baby, healthy home.