When Baby Showers Go Wrong

When Baby Showers Go Wrong

Sarah Rae Smith
May 4, 2009

We attended a baby shower this weekend that left us, well to be honest, left us a little frustrated. Showers are usually wonderful things; they're full of presents and babies, laughter and typically embarrassing (yet adorable) stories of the things we did as children. But not this one, which in turn, left us looking for the door! Hear more of our story and share your tips on avoiding this tragedy after the jump...

We would like to start out by saying the shower we attended looked amazing. The table settings were beautiful, the food was amazing and the desserts were some of the best we have had from local bakeries! The setting was fantastic and all looked quite picturesque! Plus, the Mom-To-Be acquired lots of new things to help her in the ropes of being a new mother. But just because things looked beautiful, didn't mean the planning should have stopped there.

Now usually we're not big fans of cheesy shower games. Before now, they had always felt like something to just pass the time. But now, we know they serve a purpose! We were in a room with women from all different walks of the Mom-To-Be's life. There were a few college friends, some relatives from different sides of the family, friends of the family and so forth.

We were seated at a series of long banquet tables and didn't have the ability to interact with more than the few people on either side of us. While we waited for the food to come out of the kitchen, we "made small talk" which mainly involved the majority of people around the table staring at each other while only a few dominated the conversation further down.

Lunch was had and after presents were opened and passed around the table for all to see. The whole process took almost 4 hours and ate up our entire Saturday afternoon. We spent most of our time checking out the architecture of the building we were in, as what conversation we tried to strike up around us wasn't reciprocated well. We'd like to think of ourselves as being open and talkative and pretty easy going, but nothing we had to say took.

It was frustrating and long, but we were glad we had the chance to support the Mom-To-Be. There were such long periods of silence or loud (and kind of inappropriate) conversation down the table, that without those cheesy shower games, we were really left without anything to do or say.

Do you have any tips on helping along a group of people that just won't open up? Or keeping others in control during a social event such as this? Is it easier to have one big shower with everyone in attendance or smaller showers from your different social circles? Leave us your words of wisdom below!

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