When Couples Don't Sleep Well Together...

When Couples Don't Sleep Well Together...

Grace Shu
Sep 24, 2009

I was having dinner with friends of mine who have been happily married for about five years now (prior to getting married, they had an impressive seven-year dating streak), and we somehow ended up discussing sleeping habits. As it turns out, my friends swear up and down that the secret to their successful marriage is...sleeping in separate bedrooms.

"I kid you not," the wife said solemnly, "We went so far as to try out a California king size Tempurpedic bed. And when a $5000 mattress engineered by NASA couldn't save us, we just figured that we're going to do whatever works for us!" To accommodate an extra bed in their 950 square foot loft, they added a queen size bed in one corner and put extra pillows on it. During the day, or when guests come over, it's just another comfortable seating area.

Of course, I was curious about what happens when they host overnight guests? "What do you think? OF COURSE we bunk together when someone stays over," the husband answered. "We just brace ourselves for a few nights of crappy sleep."

For those of you with significant others, was it difficult to get used to sleeping in the same bed with someone else? If you did have difficulties, what kind of solutions or advice can you give to sleep-deprived couples?

(Image: Domino Magazine)

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