When Critters Invade: There's A Bird Stuck In The Chimney!

When Critters Invade: There's A Bird Stuck In The Chimney!

Allison Verdoorn
Jul 12, 2011

As our house is opened up for summer and the fresh air comes in, it seems that critters follow that fresh air right on in to our homes. This happened to Allison and her family when a bird got stuck in her chimney. Read about the adventure and the kind way they got the bird safely back outside and share your critter stories after the jump.

Allison chronicles the event:

Despite having two very expensive bachelors degrees to our name, DanO and I were at a loss as to how to solve this problem. Neither the Applied Health Science (DanO) nor the Elementary Education (me) departments had required a course in pest removal. (I want my money back.)

First thought was to reach up in there (with leather gloves on, of course). Except, where exactly is "there"? We were fresh out of flashlights, but you KNOW there's an app for that, and shortly with the help of our cell phones it was clear that there would be no simple reaching of the bird. There's a ledge up in there that he had perched on and although DanO has long arms, they don't bend like that which means the bird was out of reach.

Read the rest of the story at O My Family.

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(Images: O My Family)

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