When Do They Need A Fig Leaf?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our son is young enough that any concerns about him being naked around the house relate to his lack of potty training, but in many households clothes are optional for kids – sometimes to the consternation of relatives and visitors. The New York Times delved into this topic in a recent article interviewing folks along the spectrum of opinion – where do you, and your kids, fall on the spectrum?

You can read the full article by Julie Scelfo here. Below are a few quotes from interviewees to give you a flavor of the controversy and the differences – sometimes cultural, sometimes generational, sometimes of sensibility – of opinion:

“It’s a stage he’s going through, and he’ll grow out of it.”

“My mother-in-law would come in and automatically say, ‘Ava, put on your clothes. Put on your underwear.'”

“If you can’t do it when you’re a kid, when can you do it, you know?”

“For some kids, getting dressed gets associated with something they don’t want to do, like eating their veggies.”

“Americans have a sense that the body is very private. You don’t talk about these things openly. Nudity is hush-hush.”

“I expect her, especially as a girl, to be more modest.”

We’re not looking to stir up a lot of controversy here, but we’re always up for some discussion on topics related to children and the home. So we ask, do your kids like to shed their clothing at home? Does it bother you or are you fine with it? Are you fine with it but know your spouse, family or friends are made uncomfortable by it?

Image: Fig Leaf by geishaboy500 on Flickr via Creative Commons