When Do You Put Up Your Holiday Decor?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We let out a silent cheer when we came across this sign at Nordstrom yesterday. As the holidays seem to become closer and closer to Halloween every year, it seems Thanksgiving feels a little left behind.

Although we understand the benefit of decking the halls early, we’re not sure if we’re ok with the idea. Share your thoughts after the jump!

Growing up, our household always rallied round the house at Thanksgiving to pop in a movie in the VCR (my how far we’ve come) and decorate the house with Yuletide cheer. As we’ve grown older our lives are a little more busy and we’ve caught ourselves thinking more than once, that we had an extra hour or two that could be spent digging out Christmas decorations early. We know we won’t have time for it later, so would it really hurt anything?

Is it worse to put your decorations out early? Or leave them up later? What do your family traditions involves? Share your thoughts in the comments below!