When the Kitchen is Inches from the Bed

updated Jul 16, 2020
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Having lived in many tiny and studio apartments, we know all too well the discomfort and awkwardness that can exist when one’s bed is way too close to the kitchen. Though it’s not the ideal layout, we have some tips on how you can deal with this too close for comfort situation.

Keep it clean (inside and out) : Don’t let your eating and cooking space get dirty when your sleeping space is so nearby. Clean the fridge, take the trash and recycling out often and try to wipe down surfaces (inside fridge and cabinets too) weekly. Being so close to your bed means not letting dishes stack up and always putting food away after using it.

Get appliances checked out: Refrigerators are supposed to have a bit of a hum, but they shouldn’t make too much of a racket. If they do, have it serviced to see if the noise can be kept down to a reasonable level. Also, have someone check your stove and make sure it’s in tip top shape. Having a silent kitchen will help you forget that it’s so close when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Disguise it Just because you have a fridge or kitchen next to your bed doesn’t mean it has to look like it. If it’s the fridge that’s too close, there have been lots of creative ideas to disguise one over the years, from chalkboard surfaces, to paint to magnets and more. Check out this AT post: Beyond the Chalkboard Fridge: Decorated Refrigerators.

Visual barriers: If there’s the space, consider incorporating visual barriers, like a fabric panel hung from the ceiling, a thin and narrow shelf or perhaps a chair. It’s not as good as a wall, but it might trick your brain into thinking it’s not inches from where you last cooked dinner.
Don’t cook too close to bedtime Impossible for some (ourselves included) this is just something to consider. By giving some time between your last meal and your bedtime, it might help you mentally distance yourself from the space. And, it won’t still smell like dinner as you lay in bed.

Know you’ll eventually get used to it: It sounds harsh, but it’s easier than you think. The first time we ever slept beside a fridge we were horrified. The sounds, the smells (hopefully this could all be taken care of if you do the above steps) but honestly, after the first night it never bothered us again. Just like many of the sacrifices that living in a studio and small space requires, you’ll adapt!

Does your bedroom reside just a little too close to your kitchen? What are some of the ways you’ve learned to cope with it, or the ideas you’ve implemented to work around it?

(Images: Beyond the Chalkboard Fridge: Decorated Refrigerators; 2modern )