When It's OK to Not DIY

When It's OK to Not DIY

Julia Cho
Feb 10, 2010

We're all about how-tos and DIY projects this month on Ohdeedoh, and once you're a parent, a whole new world of possible projects and things you can make with or for your children seems to open up. We're starting to realize- we just can't make them all...

...so we've come up with a few guidelines and questions that we ask ourselves when we're thinking about adding a new project to our already long to-do list.

Will we end up spending just as much or more money if we make it ourselves? Very often, we start out a project ourselves to save money, but by the time we've purchased all of the materials we need- we've spent more.

If we try to make it ourselves, will we actually ever get around to it? Especially if it's a project for our daughter, we realize that it might be time-sensitive. She may outgrow the stage the project's for before we get around to making it! In that case, we'd much rather buy it so she can use it right away. We find having pieces of another 1/2 finished project laying around drains us of our energy.

Is it going to be fun to do or just add stress to my life? If it's not going to be fun, why do it?

Will I sacrifice quality time with my child to make this for her?

Can we find something already made that's just what we're envisioning?

Are our skills up to the task? Sometimes someone else could just do it a lot better than we can.

Yes, you can bake your own bread, sew your own clothes, build furniture for your kids, make crafts, and sheets, and pillows, and play dough, and clay, and etc. And yes, we often find ourselves thinking: "I could make that myself." But sometimes DIY is just not the way to go. (at least for us) If we find that's the case, we'll happily peruse Etsy or other handmade sites and look forward to the item being delivered right to our door!

(Image: Keith Scott Morton for Country Living)

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