When To Turn On The Heat: Let The Kids Vote!

When To Turn On The Heat: Let The Kids Vote!

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 25, 2011

Many households around the country are playing the same game that Tammy's house is - how to balance keeping your bills down, but the family warm. In my own house we try to hold out as long as possible and Tammy's house is no different — ok well maybe a little because she let the kids vote on when it was time to turn on the furnace!

There are moments as parents where you realize you can use the situation as more than just what it is at face value. For instance, when Tammy's crew returned home from vacation they were faced with the decision on turning on the heat. Although they would have probably done it anyway, they let the children vote.

Not only does it help inform them about how a household works and the impact our energy consumption usages have, but it also helps inform them about the democratic process and puts it to work. Everyone in the house got to vote and the heat was in fact turned on. It's a quick reminder that normal everyday occurrences can always be turned into teach tools. You can read more about how their family handled things over at Housing a Forest.

(Image: Housing A Forest)

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