Where to Buy the Most Sustainable Seafood

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When it comes to food, we try to be as conscious of the environment as possible, but we’ve found that fish is a tough one. There seems to be lots of confusion out there about what’s good for the fish populations, the oceans, and our bodies. Apps help, sure, but we thought this updated list from Greenpeace was pretty surprising: find out where to get the most sustainable seafood. You might be surprised, too.

We expected to see Whole Foods on the fourth edition of this list from Greenpeace, and they passed, but not necessarily with flying colors. Check out who came in at number one.

Spoiler alert.

It’s Target. They have indeed made great strides since this report was last released in June 2009. And even Wal-Mart came in ahead of other greenie favorites like Trader Joe’s.

See the whole list here and read what makes the companies on it pass or fail—and find out what they could do better.

(Image: Flickr member Bramus!, licensed under Creative Commons)