Where To: Donate Your Books

Where To: Donate Your Books

Abby Stone
Feb 22, 2010

Although we love books, we don't have the space to keep them. So what do we do when we've finished reading them? We usually try to pass them on to friends, and sometimes our local library accepts them. Recently Stephanie tested out Bookmooch, a book swap service that facilitates trading your old books for new books. It's one of a growing number of swap services that focus on books, so we put together a list of other available resources for donating books:

  • Friends of Libraries: if your local library cannot take your used books, considering sending them to Friends of Libraries, who sell them to support public libraries or, if they cannot be sold, donate them to a literacy partner or recycle them in an environmentally responsible way. See their guidelines for what they accept on their website.
  • Books for Soldiers: here's a great resource for donating your old books. They also accept DVDs, games and supplies.
  • Donate to a Prison: there are many programs around the country that will accept books for prisoners.
  • Bookcrossing: we've always been told we can travel vicariously through books—Bookcrossing lets you do it literally. Register a book on the site, leave it in a public place for someone to find, and track it as it travels around the world. Bookmooch: Instead of buying a book, why not trade it for another book? Paperback Swap: another resource for trading your old books. Here you make a list for other "club" members to search. You can also trade games, movies and DVDs.
  • Swaptree: give a book, get a book, game, movie or DVD.

You can also create some fun projects that use old books as their starting point. Or trade books with your friends at a book swap party.

(Image: Flickr member HenryBloomfield licensed under Creative Commons License)

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