Where to Get a $5 Filing Cabinet?

Where to Get a $5 Filing Cabinet?

Trent Johnson
Aug 21, 2008

So it wasn't this pretty when I paid $5 for it - but a light sanding and some low-voc spray paint took care of that. So where's it from? I'll give you a hint; it wasn't Craigslist.

The answer? University surplus! Most public Universities sell their old equipment - from LCD monitors and roller chairs, to big steel desks and filing cabinets - there's plenty of gems to be found. And it's not all old - where I work, if a department upgrades all their equipment to match (not the most green move, I know) the old stuff is sent off to surplus to be sold at a very fair price.

After lugging the 100+ pound filing cabinet home in the back of our station wagon, we taped the handles and card holders with painters tape and gave the exterior a light sanding with 240 grit sand paper. A light dusting with a damp rag took care of the dust. We then picked up some Krylon® Industrial Eco-Guard™ Latex Spray Paint in OSHA blue. Two coats and we were set!

Hint: to move such a heavy object without dinging your walls or its new paint job, strap it tightly to a dolly and use the leverage to your advantage. I was able to move it more easily by myself with a borrowed dolly than with two people, sans dolly.

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