Where To Share in New York

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Is New York becoming one giant commune? That’s what last week’s issue of New York Magazine suggested when they gave a rundown of all the ways NYC residents are pooling their ideas, expertise, and resources for the greater good, whether swapping babysitters or cooking lessons, sharing an office, lending one’s handyman skills to a weekly bike repair meet, or participating in a bi-monthly homemade ice cream share.

Want to donate some clothes, and maybe pick up some new ones? Check out the Five Boroughs Clothing Swap. Have a unique gift or talent you think other people might be interested in learning? Teach a class at the Brooklyn Skillshare. Do you can? Swap your homemade pickles, preserves, fresh eggs, and baked goods with other urban farmers at BK Swappers. Need a couch to crash on? Find a sofa from a local at Couchsurfing.org.

Check out the full list of where to share on New York Magazine’s website. Also check out their list of the 10 best cooperatively run galleries, boutiques, and design stores.

(Image: Julie Schneider/Courtesy of Etsy Labs, via New York Magazine)