Which Home Technology Service Would You Cut First?

Which Home Technology Service Would You Cut First?

Gregory Han
Jun 11, 2009

You don't have to tell us the economy is bad. My girlfriend and I personally know the effects first hand. She was laid off recently with nearly 100 other employees and now we've gone from a comfortable, but modest income household, to watching our pennies. So immediate cost-saving measures have been enacted despite our financial cushion: we've cut our landline, we're continuing practicing power efficient habits, ended subscriptions to luxuries like Netflix, and now are considering cutting our satellite TV subscription...

We're sure there are plenty of other people who've gone from living with tech luxuries and now are considering doing without, and with much, much more severe repercussions than our relatively mild financial setback. It's not a horrible thing at all, since we look at the opportunity to watch less TV and do with more free activities like...oh...walking/hiking (which we loved anyway). Sometimes being forced to do with less is a reminder that living isn't about the luxuries themselves, but appreciating them fully when you're given the chance to appreciate them. So we're certainly not in any boo-hoo mode about willingly cutting the line(s) as a precaution.

But our predicament got us thinking about which services we'd rid of as times became lean(er); we asked some friends the same question, and some mentioned immediately cutting cable like us, others said doing without a cell phone (as the only Angeleno without a cell, this isn't a worry), putting an end to Xbox Live access, a few mentioned their move to internet telephony services over landlines, while remarkably nobody mentioned getting rid of internet service. Yeah, we wouldn't want to lose online access for obvious reasons either.

It's funny how we get used to certain services; we never considered any of these as necessities in our lives (except internet access, since that's our actual field of work), so the threat of removing cable, movie subscriptions, gaming or cell devices isn't really a horrible stress as some have reacted when posed with doing without these. But everyone has different priorities, making budgeting a case by case basis. We just hope in a few months we're not having to blog from the public library! Tell is in our survey below what you'd rid of first and/or comment below on any other cost saving measures you've enacted in your own lives.

(Image: Gregory Han)

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