White Goods Disposal: Where Does It All Go?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Carole Braden is on a roll. Following up on her article about Mike Arnold, Ms. Braden uncovers the sticky topic and great mystery of where all of our “white goods” go after we cart them to the street.

In After The Curb: Where Old Stoves Go, we learn that we need first to schedule an appointment when discarding a refrgerator or air conditioner for curbside freon removal, and then the old machines go on their way to Jersey:

The Department of Sanitation takes the appliances to Hugo Neu Schnitzer East, a Jersey City recycler, where everything meets its remaker in a giant shredder, said Jim Haggerty, a spokesman for the company. The scrap, formed into fist-size balls, is forwarded to a steel plant. (If you want to sleuth, check out Hugo Neu Schnitzer. This is a very complicated, shadowy company).

Other machines are recycled and sold out of country. This is a great little piece to read, print out and save (or just let Apartment Therapy hold the links here for you), so that when the day comes for you, you know what to do. MGR