Whither Goes Etiquette & Manners In A High Tech World?

Whither Goes Etiquette & Manners In A High Tech World?

Jason Yang
Sep 22, 2011

Where's Miss Manners when you need her most? Oh, she's still trying to get a hang of this Twitter thing and hasn't responded to our Facebook messages yet. Never mind our unanswered voicemails and e-mail! We wonder aloud about a dozen situations were questionable tech etiquette and manners come into play - some are obvious, some not as much. Let us know your thoughts, we'd love to hear what you'd do, as well as your own stories about similar tech situations as well.

Phones at the Dinner Table or With Friends?
Is it rude to use your phone at dinner or while out with friends? Playing Words with Friends at the bar while with your friends - sounds odd, doesn't it?

Borrowing Cell Phones: Okay or Not Okay?
Is it okay to ask someone to borrow their cell phone? What about a complete stranger, would you be okay with that?

Sharing Media: Okay or Not Okay?
Someone asks for a copy of your digital books/music/movies that you've paid for and isn't marked as free to share. How do you respond?

Tagging Unflattering Pictures on Facebook
Tagging a friend on Facebook (or other social media outlet) in an unflattering or incriminating picture is just downright rude! But hey, we looked great in that pic, screw the others!

Calling People Out Online
Calling people out for an embarrassing moment in a small group of close friends is one thing, but doing it online (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) to the entire world is another level entirely.

Heads Up! Watch Where You're Going!
We've all encountered the type - headphones on blasting music with their head down, texting away on their smartphones and not looking where they are going.

Stealing WiFi
Is it okay to use someone else's unsecured WiFi? Why weren't they smart enough to secure it in the first place? What if I catch someone on my own network?

Loud Calls in Public Spaces
We all hate that guy (or gal) gabbing away on their cell phone on a crowded subway train, in the park, or somewhere public. Can't they call the other person back when others aren't forced to hear their conversation as well?

Sexting & Other Private Moments That Don't Stay Private Very Long
Sexting is a fastly growing trend, and so is forwarding messages/pictures/videos on. You might feel betrayed in what you felt was a private shared personal moment. Then again you should probably think twice before sending something permanent (and easily portable/sharable) that you might regret.

Ex Photos
What do you do with digital photos of your ex? Or your friends and their exes? It probably wouldn't make for a great conversation when those pictures show up in your automatically rotating digital photo display, especially when everyone has moved on and is happily married and there was an issue in the past and oh I'll just stop there...

Digital Evidence
If you took an incriminating photo or video (say at a friend's bachelor party in Montreal a few weekends ago) and your friend asks you to delete it, do you?

Whose Fault Is It?
If you ask a stranger to take a picture using your camera and they drop it, who is responsible for the damages?

Unanswered Messages
We tried calling your land line, cell phone, Skype, texting, e-mailing you and haven't gotten a response yet. We sent a Facebook message, tagged you in a Twitter account, and blogged about you. We sent you an SMS, gchat, AIM, etc. What's going on? There are so many ways to reach out to someone but that's just as many ways for them to avoid retuning your message.

Share Yours!
The list goes on and on and on. Share your own tech etiquette and manners dilemnas and how you would solve them in this digital age.

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(Images: Flickr members Brett Jordan and Tim Parkinson and Cia de Foto licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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