Help Hotlines and Websites for Missing Assembly Parts

updated Mar 11, 2020
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Furnishing a gorgeous home office on a minuscule budget is a challenge. But does IKEA really have to make it even harder by always. having. missing. pieces?! If you live nearby, you know you can take a trip to the As-Is department and grab a few whosits and thingamabobs. But if you live far away, or if you got your “assembly required” desk somewhere else, you can use your phone to call “missing parts” lines. You’ll soon get those missing dinglehoppers—and get closer to working in your new space.

We’re seriously lusting after the VICKE VEINE laptop desk in Ikea’s 2011 catalog. But we’ve been burned too many times before with screws and pegs missing from our boxes.

If you ever find yourself in the same situation, stay cool. Rather than curse the assemble-it-yourself gods and try (fail) to hack your own half-socket-drive-half-wood-screw with a hardware store gift card and a glue gun, just give a call to the manufacturer. They’ve likely got a drawer full of the “whatsits” you need and would be happy to ship one out to you.

Grab a phone and the instruction sheet (it will likely have the serial numbers of the parts you’re looking for) and give one of these guys a call:

  • For Crate & Barrel or CB2 parts, call 800-606-6387
  • For IKEA parts, call 800-; You can also use IKEA’s “missing hardware” online form
  • Kmart customer service line can help at 866-562-7848
  • Call Target with the manufacturer’s name ready at 800-303-0308.
  • Walmart customer service will. Call 800-925-6278.

These are the retailers we used for our home office’s assembly-required furniture. But please, dear readers, feel free to comment with any additional contacts that have been helpful to you in the past.