Who Was Your First?

Who Was Your First?

Gregory Han
Feb 4, 2009

The year was 2000. The place, Alamo Square in San Francisco. I was whisked away to San Francisco for a new a career opportunity, living in my first place all to myself, a lovely Edwardian era studio apartment overlooking the postcard perfect park below. Although the studio was just over 350 sq. ft., I remember my Alamo Square apartment fondly because it was then and there that I decided to give into my desires and make my first designer purchase. The Tom Dixon Jack lamp was all the rage, emblazoned across the staged rooms in shelter mags such as *Wallpaper and Surface. I had enough money to burn in those youthful (and foolish) heydays to send out about four and half Ben Franklins to have it shipped from New York to become the centerpiece of my small space...

Although I later ended up purchasing more substantial furnishings (sleeping on a futon, no matter how nice, needed to stop after a certain age), I still think of the Tom Dixon designed Jack lamp as my favourite designer purchase, with the ability to still confound and delight guests. Is it a lamp? Is it a seat? What's it made of? No other piece I've owned evokes such curiosity and interest. Ole Jack now sits at the top of our stairway, greeting guests with his warm glow, still bringing smiles (me included). Released in 1996, there's supposedly 12,000 of these polypropylene lamps out there in the world. I hope each and everyone is still beloved as much as mine. I'll never let it go...I promise Tom!

How about you out there? What was your first notable design/decor purchase? Was it a designer sofa you scrimped and saved for? Did you blow your inheritance from you well to do Aunt Matilda? Find something via Craigslist for a steal? Share below who/what was the first furnishing piece that you never regretted spending the money upon.

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