Whoa, trippy: How to Deal With Shrooms in the Yard

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
[ Photo from KansasCity.org ]

Guess what? The skunks have disappeared! Guess what else? Now we’ve got a huge effing colony of shrooms growing out of the tree in our front lawn! And it happened practically overnight, too. According to our green thumbed neighbor, our big oak tree has a dead root that’s causing this massive mushroom explosion. Unfortunately, his solution was a little uh, crazy: remove all the dirt that contains either roots and spores. Whaaa…?!

Since we’re not about to dig up our lawn, anyone else have any solutions? (Please, no recipes for cream of mushroom soup or offerings of black light posters. While we don’t think they’re lethal, we also don’t think they’re worthy of a Trey Anastasio jam session).