Why a Clean Computer is More Than Cosmetic

Why a Clean Computer is More Than Cosmetic

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jul 11, 2011

Last week we talked about small signs to look for that can indicate big computer problems on the horizon and while many computer problems seem to come out of nowhere, there are definitely best practices to follow that can help prevent them. One of these best practices is keeping your computer clean. Read on for why this is so important.

In addition to looking nasty and feeling grimy, a dirty computer can cause internal hardware issues. One of the small signs we talked about last week that can mean big trouble for your computer was the skittish mouse that can be a sign of logic board issues. What is one of the main causes of logic board failure? Heat. What can prevent your computer from cooling properly? You guessed it, dust build up and food that block the fans.

Think we're kidding? In our jobs as IT professionals we have seen more than a few logic board failures on machines that are covered in grime. Now, we don't want to say a dirty computer = logic board failure, however, machine overheating is a known cause of logic board failure and when we see food blocking the fans it is not difficult to infer a connection.

Have we inspired you to keep your machine clean? Check out these computer cleaning tips from our archives:

What are your computer cleaning tips?

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