Why Are There Worms in My Kitchen? (Alternate Title: Why Are There Worms in My Kitchen!!!!)

Why Are There Worms in My Kitchen? (Alternate Title: Why Are There Worms in My Kitchen!!!!)

Regina Yunghans
Dec 11, 2014
(Image credit: Molly)

Q: Last night while doing my kitchen cleanup, I watered my little potted houseplant and moss that sits right next to the kitchen sink. I went about setting up coffee, wiping down counters...came back to the sink and noticed a thin red worm crawling along the plant side of the sink.

I had a mini freak-out, grabbed him with a paper towel and put him outside. A few seconds later, I noticed ANOTHER one. Then, two more. At this point, I was really starting to panic. I know they are just worms—-but I am someone who can't handle bugs of any sort. That's just the thing that gets me. Kept bringing them outside—-but by the fifth sighting I was killing them. Sorry. Thought it was over...but found two more crawling on the floor below.

I did my very best to remain calm...and proceeded with a major cleaning of the kitchen at 11pm...bleach and all. I normally use vinegar, but I couldn't help myself. I moved the plant outside—then felt bad since it's getting pretty cold. I moved the plant back inside, but relocated it to our workroom/art room for now. Has anyone experienced this? Do you think they were from the plant? They were approx. 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, thin and rust colored/red. When I looked closely, I could see through their skin to a little blackness. Any advice is appreciated!

(Image credit: Molly)

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