Why Budgeting Leads to Healthier Meals…at Home

11_25_08_cooking.jpgWhile some people may tighten their financial belts by turning more to highly-processed fast foods, many folks are instead eating healthier home meals by, basically, cutting out the crap.

We’ve noticed this trend in our own home, and friends have been cooking more often than eating out. What does this mean? A trend toward home-cookin, and a step back from eating out, or eating processed foods. Read: in tough times, the carbon footprint of our food can shrink.

As this article from the NYT puts it, “The trend toward home cooking may be the one benefit to come from what’s happening to the economy.”

We’ve seen ourselves changing some of our basic habits; last night, for instance, instead of making an enchilada casserole with chicken, we opted for organic black beans. At a quarter of the cost, we got less fat and just as much protein. We’re looking closer at our spending, and while we are maintaining our commitment to local and organic foods, we are also cutting back on processed things.

What about you? Are you seeing this trend around your friends and family? We think this is a great thing, and a good move even if we weren’t looking at the economy and saying, “Ouch.” It’s a great way to make your kitchen even greener.

The NYT article also has some great tips for accomplishing fast, healthy, home-cooked meals. Be sure to leave us some of your ideas.

Photo: Amber Byfield.