Why Carrying a Watch Is Still A Solid Idea...

Why Carrying a Watch Is Still A Solid Idea...

Campbell Faulkner
Sep 15, 2010

The humble watch, more fashion statement than time piece in this day and age. Seemingly reviled in this day and age of cell phone and other internet connected devices. Yet, the simple elegance of a time piece, even something as complex as Suunto Dive computer, is something which we find soothing. The watches foremost function is telling time, and we think it still has a place when your cell phone has an even more accurate cesium cell tower clock feeding it the time.

The watch is a device that we eschewed for many years. It seemed so superfluous and unnecessary; a device whose time has passed and needed to die. During that phase, we only saw watches as luxury items meant to display social status. A Tag Huer was not meant to tell time, merely that you loved that watch's ascetic and was willing to pay for it.

Looking back, such a view of watches makes sense. That was during the time of convergence, convergence, convergence! Melding of MP3 players and cell phones, integration of devices to simplify our lives. It seemed only natural that the watches function of telling time should be integrated into other devices. That whole move to both upgrade and streamline the things one carries on a daily basis just made sense as did Apple's stark white theme present from iMacs to desktop mice. We are not so sure if that drive has diminished as a cultural impetus, but we have departed from it and not once looked back.

This is what a watch should not be: needs constant charging and has questionable ruggedness. On the other hand, this is a super cool concept and we do love the iPod Nano.

Why we became a watch fan is simple, we were given one. Before that moment we had not considered nor desired a nice timepiece. Our watch is not terribly expensive, but is solidly built and something that we think looks good. Once we began to wear it regularly, we noticed that it functioned as a better time piece than our cellphone. It was always there when we needed it, never needed to be charged, nor was it taken away from us when we entered government buildings; all things that we have found to be very convenient.

On top of the sheer convenience, the watch has come to be something we just like having. It is a back up and a redundancy that is not overt or requires us to lug it in a bag. The watch is just there soldiering on in our lives. It is a piece of tech that is almost old fashioned even in its dive computer form. Our watch is primarily there to tell time and do nothing else. It lack the gizmos, gadgets, and other neat features we crave in every other part of our life yet we do not feel it is lacking. This leaves us with just one question, do you still wear a watch or has it's purpose been swallowed by another device?

(Top image: Flickr member hypo.physe licensed for use under Creative Commons)
(iPod Nano image: Flickr member pt licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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