Why Eating in Front of the TV is Bad for Your Health

Why Eating in Front of the TV is Bad for Your Health

Taryn Williford
Oct 13, 2010

When you're young, you do a lot of stupid stuff. You waste all your money, you never eat your vegetables and you eat every meal in front of the television. OK, so we might still be doing that last one occasionally. But after reading up on (literal) TV dinners, we're realizing that our nights spent munching in front of the TV are completely counter-productive to our goal of staying fit.

We all know the stereotype of the couch potato: Somebody who's fat and lazy, and who only gets off the couch to grab more popcorn.

Well it turns out that stereotype might ring pretty true: Increased television viewing is directly correlated to a higher BMI, or body mass index.

Why is that? Well,studies like this one from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore have proven that most people wrongly estimate how many calories they're consuming when they watch TV and eat at the same time.

So if watching TV makes it difficult to know how much you're really eating, you're more likely to overeat if you chow down in front of the TV screen than if you eat quietly at your table. That means more fat and calories, and more of a chance that you'll be overweight or obese—all because of Glee. Who knew?

(Images: Super Healthy Kids, HerDaily.com)

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