Why Erin & Jeff's Living Room Works: 6 Easy Ideas to Steal for Your Home

Why Erin & Jeff's Living Room Works: 6 Easy Ideas to Steal for Your Home

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 19, 2014
(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

There's a rhythm to a room that really works. There are layers. Different heights. A cohesion between every element so that your eye smoothly moves around the room. But a few stand out items that give the room a zing of personality. This living room has it all and more — and we break down just why this room works so you can incorporate some of these ideas into your own home to improve the look and feel!

It's this room's overall composition that makes it work so well. Everything is in balance with everything else, nothing is too small or too oversized. Here's what else we think works in Erin & Jeff's Texas Cool:

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

1. Not afraid of a substantial piece
If you've got the room and the inclination, a heavier piece of furniture like a weighty console can really add some stability and drama to one side of the room. Here, a new purchase has a textured pattern, and a simple display up top keeps the entire composition from becoming too overwhelming in the space. This is a great option for someone looking to incorporate or save money on a vintage piece, as the heavier pieces aren't as popular (or as pricey) as more stream-lined MCM pieces.

2. Layers add comfort
A layering of two floor rugs, both of textured, natural fibers, is an easy way to give a room an extra plush, comfortable feel, and a great option if you can't afford to buy a very large one; you could layer a few smaller, more affordable rugs.

3. A tall plant adds a lot of life
A large, green, cheery plant adds life to not only this corner, but the whole room.

4. Window treatments match the scale of the room
Layering window treatments — in this case some earthy shades with tall sheer drapes — gives that wall the appropriate amount of attention, and the size matches the scale of the room. (We even think the curtain rod here could be a little more dramatic if they wanted to go that way.)

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

5. Bold furniture both blends and stands out
A bright pair of blue chairs are eye-catching, but match the overall color palette of the room. They stand out to give the room personality, but they don't scream like they don't belong.

6. A tall shelf adds height and display
A tall shelf adds height and display storage in a corner of the room. More importantly, it works together with the height of the window treatments and the plant and the artwork over the console to create a space that draws your eye upwards, accentuates the ceiling and feels airy and balanced, rather than squatty and bottom-heavy.

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