Why Front Load Washers Are More Efficient

Why Front Load Washers Are More Efficient

Trent Johnson
Jan 25, 2011

Earlier today Michelle gave us 10 tips to extend the life of your washer and dryer. Now, on the topic of washers: you probably know that front load washers are more energy and water efficient. But do you know why?

Water Efficiency:

  1. Horizontal Configuration of Drum: Less water is required to cover the clothes because it rotates, letting gravity help swish and circulate the water as the washer spins. Front loaders use between 18-25 gallons of water compared with around 40 for traditional top loaders.
  2. More Room Inside: Because front loaders don't require a bulky agitator (the big cone that is in the center of top load washers), more clothes can fit into a smaller space. The tumbling rotation of the front loaders drum coupled with the fins on the side are enough to move the clothes around.
  3. Less Laundry Detergent: High efficiency washers use less laundry detergent because they're better at infusing the detergent into the clothes. Less rinses are needed to get the detergent out.

Energy Efficiency

  1. Spin Faster: Front loaders can spin clothes faster (over 1000 rpms) to get more water out before the clothes go to the dryer while top loaders spin around 600-700 rpms. This leaves clothes less wet when leaving the washing machine so they can dry faster on the line or in the dryer.
  2. Space Efficient: Front loaders can be stacked, taking up less space and building resources.
  3. Less Water to Heat: Because they use less water, there's also less water to heat (if you use warm water).

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(Image: Electrolux)

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