Why Watching the Super Bowl at Home Beats Attending the Game

Why Watching the Super Bowl at Home Beats Attending the Game

Jason Yang
Feb 2, 2012

Baseball may call itself America's pastime, but when it comes to a singular game, the NFL's Super Bowl is king. It's not just the sheer numbers (111 million viewers last year), but also how the game has become a huge event for die-hard fans and casual viewers alike - they all want to get together to watch the Super Bowl. With all the comforts, convenience, and technology afforded at home, home is where it's at when it comes to game day...

The Game Is Better On TV
Ideally, you'll be watching the game in crisp, high definition on a big screen flat panel. Manufacturers continue to pump out tons of TVs and the options are immense from low to high end. We just bought a 60" plasma TV for my parents for $800 during the Black Friday sales. Incredible, considering just a few years a set this size would have cost thousands.

And it's not just about the picture quality. Unless you've got great seats, watching the game in person can equate to watching small dots running around on the field, while on television you get to see action up close, and then over and over again during replays and closeups. You get commentary, which is debatable as a plus or minus. If you hate the commentators (here's looking at you Joe Theismann), you can hear the calls the refs make, you get statistics, etc. They even mic the players sometimes for on-the-field audio.

No Weather Worries
While the Super Bowl has traditionally been played in a fair-weather city, the NFL now and again assigns the game to a less than ideal climate location. This year's game is in Indianapolis and at the moment the weather forecast calls for rain! No matter how important the game, sitting in the pouring rain is miserable at best. No thank you. Besides, who likes to drink (literally) watered down beer?

It's Expensive
Who needs tickets? Especially when they cost thousands of dollars for the nose bleed section. That's if you can even get them! The concessions will just be calling you out and you'll be eating not only during the game, but throughout your entire stay, including your flight, local transportation, hotel and getting to/from the airport. How many thousands of dollars will this trip cost you? We'd rather spend it at home and watch from the comfy couch where we get to eat/drink all the cheap beer and food we want.

Bathroom Break!
With DVRs fairly prevalent in homes nowadays, you won't miss a single second of the action with the always handy PAUSE button. Not to mention the much shorter bathroom lines and cleaner facilities for both genders attending your game day viewing party.

It's More Social
Experiences are much better when shared with others, but who amongst your friends and family can afford to go to the big game? Let me know who they are, please, we could use some new friends! At home, everyone you know surrounds you and you get to enjoy everything together - the game, the half time show, the commercials - everything about it is a shared experience.

Half Time and Traditions
There's the Puppy Bowl, the Lingerie Bowl, the Bud Bowl, the Budweiser clydesdales, a half-baked Half Time performer, and much more. The world has built an entire culture out of a single event. Not to mention the commercials, and speaking of the commercials…

It's Really All About the Commercials
What really separates the Super Bowl from other sports games is the commercials. It's become such a tradition for advertisers to show off their wares with fancy new spots that ad time can cost $3.5 million dollars per 30 seconds!

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