Why I'm a Quitter (and You Should Be Too)

Why I'm a Quitter (and You Should Be Too)

Jennifer Hunter
Aug 11, 2014
(Image credit: Belathee Photography)

You think quitters never win? I guess it depends what you want to win. I want to win a relaxed, comfortable and happy home. To get that, I've frequently had to call it quits.

Just recently, I quit fighting with the sticky drawer in my bedside table every night and put that annoying thing out at the curb.

Sure, my nightstand was perfectly functional (besides that darn drawer), I'd spent money on it and it did a great job of holding up my lamp but I still hated it. That purchase was a mistake from the beginning, and instead of simply cutting my losses and ditching it right away, I spent years of my life disliking something I looked at every day.

I'm not sure what made me keep it for so long. Of course I had visions of the transformative DIY projects that would morph my caterpillar of a table into a glorious butterfly. But as the years wore on and those projects never happened, I finally realized that I really needed to just break up with the thing already.

The truth is, holding onto something that wasn't working for me not only wasted the money I initially paid, it also wasted my time and my day-to-day happiness at home. Trying to force myself to like something never works. All I ever managed to accomplish was a begrudging acceptance, and who really wants to live like that? It felt so good to finally let it go, which made room for another, better nightstand to join my house party. And guess what? We're very happy together.

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