Why I'm Glad to Have a TV in the Bedroom

Why I'm Glad to Have a TV in the Bedroom

Taryn Williford
Dec 6, 2010

When we posed the question "What Part Of Your Home Should Stay Tech-Free?," we should have known the comments section would turn into a debate about keeping televisions in the bedroom. It seems like there's no middle ground on the topic: Either you love watching the boob tube in bed, or you're wholeheartedly supporting a non-wired zen bedroom. Me? I'm in that former group, and here's why.

This time of year is when I start to really appreciate the fact that we made the sometimes controversial choice to place a TV in the bedroom.

I know I'm going to sound like a wimp to you Northern readers, but here it goes: Atlanta gets cold, y'all!

And right now, when we're trying to conserve energy by putting off turning on the heat as far into the year as possible, I'm glad that I have the opportunity to go through my evening TV routine in the warm comfort of my bed.

The Most Comfortable Room in the House

After dinner's been eaten and chores are through, there's nothing better to me than hopping underneath my warm blanket to catch The Office.

If I'm turning off the tube well before bedtime and following these rules for good bedroom TV-watching ergonomics, I don't see any harm in winding down from my day in the most comfortable room in the house.

Nothing But Pro's

Would I be perfectly content watching TV from the sofa in the living room? Sure. But to me, the presence of a screen in the bedroom doesn't have any "cons." If I need a quiet, zen space—well, the TV has a power button.

(Images: Flickr user joanna forever under license from Creative Commons, Flickr user -Rob Towell- under license from Creative Commons)

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