Why is the Mac App Store Important?

Why is the Mac App Store Important?

Mike Tyson
Jan 19, 2011

The new App Store is great. We love that we can now download applications previously limited to iOS devices. We're happy to see that the App Store has streamlined the downloading and updating process to make it simpler than ever. And we're glad the App Store will allow us to install apps on all our computers rather than have to buy them individually. But this isn't what we find to be the most interesting aspect about it. We think there is a much more important characteristic going on behind all that.

What we find to be the most intriguing aspect of the App Store is the enhanced opportunity for designers and developers to release their software and have it seen by millions. Interestingly enough, some are arguing the exact opposite is true. They believe the App Store isn't making design more democratic, but it is in fact stifling designers by regulating what can and can't be sold. Well with a 95% acceptance rate within 7 days, we don't really see any problem with Apple being rejection-happy.

So what do we like about this? We think that the App Store is making it easier for smaller companies and amateur designers to make a name for themselves in a market that was originally very hard to penetrate. Now, everyone is on an even playing field and has the possibility to get mass exposure. A perfect example of this is the inexplicable success of overnight sensation Bubble Ball which claimed the #1 free app download, beating out the ever popular Angry Birds. But what really is catching everyone's attention is the fact that the creator is only 14 years old. Now, we played the game and beat it in a day, but it was still very impressive to see Robert Nay's video game spread like wildfire across the tech world, getting coverage from ABC News to the Guardian.

Nay's success is rare but it makes the point that Apple is ushering in yet another new way we consume media and its implications could lead to a much more diverse market (with cheaper apps as well). There will be more options available to the consumer as well as a greater potential for success on the developer's part and we're all pretty excited to see what innovations this will bring into play from the developers.

(Images: Flickr users Cristiano Betta and Brendan Lynch under license from Creative Commons.)

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